RunRio Marathon Leg 2: Sweet, Sweet Victory

by - Sunday, September 16, 2018

They say love is sweeter the 2nd time around. I am no expert on love so I can not say much about it. What I do know is that victory is indeed sweeter the 2nd time. I am talking about being a 10K finisher at RunRio Marathon Leg 2 last June 3, 2018. 

Unlike the 1st leg, I was less prepared now. I've been too busy with moving to Makati and preparations for reunion that I haven't been going to the gym. So you could probably imagine my anxiety days prior to the event. I did manage to squeeze in 2 gym sessions and a 6k practice run at least 2-3 weeks ahead. That should do it, right? Maybe?!

Staycationing In Style
Since I don't like being hassled sa biyahe, my friend Celine and I decided to book an AirBnB in Shell Residences. I was pleasantly surprised to see how cozy and amazing the place is. The one-bedroom apartment even has a balcony and a view of the swimming pool. Plus, it has Netflix. Sweet!

The race is on!
The call time for 10k runners is at 3:50 but we got to the assembly line past 4:15a, if I remember it right. We had to walk at least 1km from Shell Residences to where RunRio is. While at the assembly line, I asked my friend if we can move near the front so we can get a head start. I also reminded her to take it easy and just enjoy the race.

I seem so calm and collected, right? But in reality, my heart is racing and my knees are in pain (Gout maybe? Or Arthritis? Damn, am getting older!).  As with the 1st leg, I was starting to question my sanity and my decisions in life.  Like really… why am I doing this? Is this due to peer pressure? I certainly don't think so.

After awhile, the host introduced two peeps on the stage and said that they will be guiding us to some warm-up exercise. I tried pero sa dami ng tao, it’s almost impossible so I gave up and just focused on my music. And then the "gun shot" or rather, a shower of confetti, and we're off.

I looked at my friend and nodded as if am saying "This is it. See ya at the finish line."

Run, Forrest, Run!

I wish it were that dramatic but my running is anything but that. The 1st few miles/kilometers, I was pretty chill. I didn’t feel any strain nor shortness of breath at all.  The course was a bit different from last time so sabi ko "wow, parang ang bilis!".  Well… I spoke too soon. As we get near the 4-5k mark, I was starting to get tired and I rested/walked way more than I should.

So much was going on in my head. My internal monologue went from "Lapit na ako!" to "Tangina, bakit ang layo pa?" to "Misleading ang marks ah.".  After my 3rd U-turn or so, I saw the clock near the finish line and felt pressured. I know I have to finish this race and get my medal despite telling myself over and over again to chill. 

And with 1:30min run time, I did get my 2nd medal. I must admit, it felt great wearing the medal and knowing I once again pushed myself beyond what I thought was my limit.  It’s exhilarating to know that I am more capable than I thought I could. 

Again, 10k with a 1:30 runtime is not Olympic-worthy but for someone like me, it feels like it. Doing things that make me uncomfortable, scared, unsure and yes, even unworthy are often the  things that make me realize my potential and understand who I truly am.

Yes, I am not athletic. Yes, I am not sexy. I am neither fast nor strong.  What I am instead is a resilient, stubborn and independent woman who will stop at nothing at pursuing what she believes is worth pursuing.

I will achieve what I believe is rightfully mine with sheer determination and a stubbornness uncharacteristic of what the society tells me to be. And you should, too.

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