Chillin' the 90's Kid Style: A Weekend Getaway in Zambales

by - Sunday, June 17, 2018

This year, I didn’t get to plan anything for my birthday due to several reasons.  But thankfully, a couple of my HS friends invited me to join them in Zambales and got my beach fix.

Welcome to Liwliwa, San Felipe!
 Liwliwa is known as a surfing spot and is frequently visited by surf enthusiasts. This is very evident with all the signs and the overall mood in the area. It's pretty laidback and quite relaxing with its quiet, provincial vibe.

From Manila, travel time was around 3-4 hours (Thanks, Loi, for your car). Our group originally planned to leave earlier on a Friday night but we ended up leaving in the wee hours of Saturday. On one end, it was good because we arrived in San Felipe in the morning which made it easier to navigate and find our friend's hideout. On the other hand, it made our stay shorter so medyo bitin lol. Nevertheless, it was a fun, sleepless trip- thanks to my crazy friends (Thanks, Jeff, for putting up with our craziness and for driving).

We arrived in Liwliwa around 8a or so (maybe!).  One of our friends is developing an Airbnb-type resort (owned by his brother) in the area so we didn’t have to worry about accommodation. His place (or rather, his brother's) is located near the famous Hideout, which is amazing btw.

Joe's Hideout
Since the place is still under construction, we set up our own tents (Thanks, Joe, for letting us use your big tent). We also bought our own food, drinks and the likes (Thanks, Rai, for the yummy cheese and chips).

Tucked away and surrounded by lush greenery, it is the perfect hideout if you want to have some peace and quiet, and just chill. And that is exactly what we did. We ate, drank, talked and took pics all day and all night. It was great to catch up and reminisce the good old days.  It's good to leave behind our worries (#adulting) for awhile and just enjoy each other's company.

Beach, please!
Later in the afternoon, we decided to go for a swim and see the sunset. Unfortunately, we didn't see any.  We did get to swim and yes, take pics of course.  The sand here is not as fine as the one I went to in Bohol but it’s not as coarse as the one in Baler. It's similar to the beaches of Elyu or Batangas.  The water is clear and surprisingly warm. The waves are pretty calm with a few strong ones in between. 

Since it’s summer season, there were a lot of people at the beach. We opted to go the furthest end of the beach to avoid the crowd. I wished we brought our drinks so we could stay longer and just chill at the beach. But I guess we were too excited? Or maybe we were too spontaneous. I dunno lol.

The next day, I went for a quick jog then headed straight for the beach to see the sunrise. But then again, I was late so nada for me. My friends joined me as well. After swimming, we bought coffee in Hideout and I must say, the place is pretty interesting. Plus, I love their coffee and the sign at the entrance.

No Goodbyes, Just So Long
Liwliwa may not have been as idyllic as Baler for me, it has definitely captured my heart. I can imagine myself walking the long stretch of sand and enjoying the sea breeze anytime of the day. But, alas, we needed to say goodbye and get back to reality. I promise to go back to the place, explore it further and discover new and exciting sights and adventure.

Until the next adventure!

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