A First Time 10k Finisher’s Story

by - Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I am lazy as hell. I don’t like to walk when I don’t have to. So what am I doing joining a marathon, you ask? Well… despite my laziness, I’ve always wanted to join marathons and get my hands on one of those finisher medals. In short, inggit lang ako. Char!

Seriously though, it is a source of inspiration and fascination for me to see runners with their medals and reading their stories of perseverance, determination and victory.

So when an opportunity for me to join one, I took it. It was for the Runrio Trilogy Race Series. I wasn’t sure what came over me that made me say “Yes, I am joining.” So I did. I signed-up for 10k. 

10k! 10 effin’ kilometers! KILOMETERS!
Source: https://www.runrio.com

I refuse to even walk a mile going to the MRT… How am I supposed to finish 10k? In 2 hours? But I have already registered and paid. No backing out now. 

I only had a few weeks to prepare for the run but since I go to the gym, my coach tweaked my training to help me prepare for it. On the weeks prior to the run, our training consisted mostly of cardio and agility workouts. The workouts were meant to help with my endurance and condition my body. Not fun at all lol.

But I know that wasn’t enough so I braved going to UP to practice. The 1st time I ran, it took me 1:55 minutes to finish the 10k mark with lots of walking, pauses and buko juice break in between.

The 2nd (and last) practice, I was 4 minutes faster lol. Yaaaasss! I am sooo ready! NOT!’

March 18, 2018.  Mall of Asia. 
These words will forever be engraved in my mind as the day and place of my suffering (char!).  There were a lot and I mean, a lot, of people. It was a bit overwhelming but surprisingly comforting. If I fail to reach the required hours, I am not alone so I just have to focus on having fun and just enjoying the race.

4:50a. And the race is on. 

My companions ran ahead of me and am left on my own; though, technically you won’t ever be alone in a race. Anyway… so there I was running and my pants felt loose and am like “What the eff? I knew I should’ve worn the other pants. Damn it!” 
My sorta disastrous outfit lol

Newbie tip #1: Make sure your shorts/pants and undergarments are tight AF. Never underestimate the power of tight clothing lol. But don’t make it too tight or else, you won’t be able to breathe. 

I kept adjusting everything until eventually, I sweat enough for it to not be loose hahaha. Seriously, it was annoying at first.  Also, the first few kilometers were kinda difficult for me because it was pretty early and dark and there are some areas I had trouble seeing well coz I have bad eyesight (ugh, I know!)  On the flip side, it was not hot so running was easier. 

3k: “Shit! I think I just got my period. Damn it.”
4K: “Get past World Trade and you’re almost finish”.  
5K: “Is it here where we turn now? I see the LRT station.”
6K: “Why the hell is the LRT station so far? It looks so near earlier”
7K: “Ok. You survived this far. Just a few more steps. You got time.”
8K: “Yass! I see the finish line. Just U-turn and you are soo done! 
 Wait… why is the U-turn so far? 
  Damn, it’s almost 6:50a! Hurry up!”
9K: “1 more kilometer. There it is! A few more lampposts and you’re done!
 “Hurry up and finish so you can change out of your bloodied clothes.”
FINISH LINE: “YASSSS! What was my time? 1:25! Yasss!”
 “I need to change. I need to change. Where is everyone?”

I know am crazy but this craziness kept me sane and stopped me from just plopping in the middle of the road and give up. 
Image source: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/sadness-inside-out/images/38695257/title/sadness-photo

Crossing the finishing line was surreal. I was so happy and damn proud of myself. I was grinning from ear to ear holding my medal. Finally, after wanting it for years, I now have one of my own. Who would’ve thought I’d be here? Anyone who knows me well would say “impossible”.

But there I was - running as if my life depended on it, clutching the medal like a precious cargo worth a million bucks and grinning like a madman who won a bet. And I guess in a way, I did win a bet- a bet against myself and I won. 

For others, 10K may be nothing but for me, it’s no small feat. This is more than just getting the medal. It is me overcoming my own limitations and going out of my comfort zone. This is me realizing that there are still potentials left untapped within me. 

All I have to do is be brave and say yes to opportunities. Yes to believing that I can and I will. Yes to trusting other people and the universe. Yes to better things. 

And that is my story. It's not over yet. I'm just getting started!

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PS. Thank you to the nice family who helped me attach my tracker on my shoes. I hope you enjoyed the run as much as I did.

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