The Island Life: My Burias Island Adventure

by - Monday, November 28, 2016

Where in the world (or at least the PH) is Burias Island?  If you had asked me that question 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have an answer.  I had no idea such island even exists until Yssa asked me if I wanted to go there.

And because kaladkaring bata  ako, I said yes even before I saw the pictures. All I had to base my decision on was the itinerary, the dates and the price, which was a steal if you ask me. As it turns out that Burias Island is in the province of Masbate and Mr. Google showed us what a wonderful place it is.

And so it was settled – Yssa, Reb, Lilian and I will be going on an adventure.  All of us have never been on a trip together so I thought only two things will happen- either we all click and have a good time or FO na kami after the trip lol. It turns out that we all are each other's travel buddies.

Getting There: A Bumpy Ride

With my head buzzing from lack of sleep and beer (from an earlier dinner shiz with colleagues), Yssa and Reb picked me up from Eastwood then met with Lilian in McDonald’s Shell Ortigas. After waiting for like forever, iTravel finally arrived.

We were asked to stay at the back of the van, which is a bit cramped for the four of us plus our bags. Not quite what I had in mind but hey, what’s a little inconvenience for days in paradise, right? This would’ve been fine and dandy if not for the fast and furious-like driving of Kuya Driver. He drove so fast even in zigzag roads that you would hear heads banging on the window. I think I got some sort of concussion because of it. 

Anyway, we arrived in San Andres, Quezon around 5a and we’re treated to a glorious sight. We wasted no time in taking pictures and capturing the moment.

After a few minutes, our tour guide informed us that we’ll be having breakfast before we go island hopping. They took us where there’s a carinderia (note: just one) and that’s where we got our coffee fix and hot noodles. And since lunch is not included in the package, we decided to buy some bread, cheese spread, rice and ulam (which surprisingly lasted until our last day in the island lol). 

And so adventure begins.

Animasola Island

This place is just breathtakingly beautiful! Its crystal clear waters, coral-filled white sand, and beautiful rock formations just screams perfection.  So we did what normal people would do. We took pictures –lots and lots of it and frolic under the sun. With such beauty, who could resist?

Burias Island

Since we got a bit delayed, we decided to have our lunch en route to the next destination- Burias Island. I would say this one's my favorite because it's just absolutely beautiful. During low tide, its sandbar connects it to islets in the area. When we went there, only half of the sandbar can be seen but it's more than enough for us. The water is warm and cold at the same time which is kinda weird but fun experience :D

Sombrero Island

Sombrero Island is our last stop for the day and where we spent the night. As soon as we got there, it started raining so we opted to rent a hut for p1500 instead of the free use of tent.  Compared to the other islands, this area is more developed with several huts for rent. They also have restrooms (with pay) and generators for charging your devices. You might want to pack extra food, drinking water and alcohol (if you drink) if you plan on staying longer than overnight as the stores can sometimes run out of supplies.

Alibijaban Island

The next day, we woke up early ready to get back to reality but before we did, we had one last stop. This beautiful island required us to jump off the boat to get to the top and that's when chaos began lol. Since I dunno how to swim but wanted to push myself, I got off the boat and I had panic attack that lasted 10mins with me cursing and crying ahaha. But thankfully, my friends and my sheer determination to be safe made me go back onboard and just take these beautiful pictures lol.

Saying goodbye...

This trip was such a treat from start to finish (and yes, that includes my panic attack in the middle of the ocean). To be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just enjoy the peace and quiet offered by island life is an experience unlike any other.

But all good things must come to an end. Nevertheless, I have pictures and memories to keep me sane until our next adventure! 

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