My Ashtanga Experience aka The Day I Died at Fit Express

by - Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Disclaimer: I am not sporty nor a health buff but I love yoga. I’ve always wanted to practice yoga and I did try a couple times… well, two times to be exact, but I never really got into it due to several reasons.

This is why I was so stoked when Ia of Fit Access PH informed me about a new studio near my place, and offered me a free pass. Without a second thought, I said yes to visiting Fit Express and joining an Ashtanga Yoga class. To be honest, I had no idea what Ashtanga Yoga is until that fateful day. So how was the experience?  It was awesome! Let me talk about it in detail including my thoughts on Fit Express.

The Studio: Fit Express
Fit Express is conveniently located at the 3rd floor of the Beehive, a commercial space in Dahlia, Fairview.  Since I live nearby,  it only took me less than 10 mins to get there. The class was scheduled for 8a and I got there at 7:30am, which is good because I was able to take pictures of the studio.

Unlike the previous yoga studios I’ve been to in the past, Fit Express is a bit smaller; however, it didn’t feel cramped at all. It has an open and inviting vibe to it, which is probably because of the walled mirrors and the glass windows. Its simple and unassuming layout makes you feel right at home. You won’t feel awkward at all. Plus, the staff and instructors are friendly and accommodating. The members are pretty nice as well.

Take a look and judge for yourself.

The Class: Ashtanga Yoga
Ashtanga what, you say?  If this is the first time you’ve heard this term, you’re not alone. I also didn’t know shiz about it but as our instructor,  it’s best we didn’t know before joining the class.  In  a nutshell, Ashtanga Yoga is a type of yoga practice that requires practitioners to do set of poses in time with breathing (Note: Forgive my terrible description. Please google for better answer lol).

Anyway… The class was set for an hour and a half with the class divided into two groups- the advanced and the beginners. The advanced class are allowed to do the poses on their own pace while the beginners follow the instructions of the yogi.

The first few poses were pretty easy (ie. executable) but since I haven’t been active for the longest time, it proved to be a challenge. Thankfully, I am familiar with some of the poses (Thanks, 7Min workout apps) so I was able to follow with a whole lot of effort. Who would’ve thought reaching your toes while bending could be this difficult? Whoever said that yoga is easy is deadly wrong. It is not. It’s challenging and painful as hell but it’s all worth it.

Several times, I was almost out of breath because I wasn’t breathing properly. I was also sweating a lot for the whole 1.5 hour class. My body hurt badly halfway into the class but I just kept on going because despite the pain, I felt my muscles loosening up and my mind clear of any stressful thoughts. I guess I was too focused on keeping the pose and breathing properly to think negative thoughts. It also helps that our yogi, KQ Quiray, was very encouraging and would go around to help us get the poses right.

The Verdict: MUST-TRY
Is getting sore muscles and body pain worth it? The answer is a definite YES!  Yoga is more than just about losing weight. As yogi KQ Quiray told us, yoga is all about learning to breathe properly so you can think clearly. Getting a toned and fit body is just a bonus.

And if you’re from the  North, I highly recommend Fit Express. The place is cozy, the staff are friendly, the classes are A+, and the best part: it’s affordable. Check it below:

Thanks to Fit Access PH for making this happen. Fit Access PH is your key to the most exciting and fun ways to get fit from yoga to boxing and everything in between. Visit, sign up and rediscover the joys of exercise and getting fit.

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