My Ramen Obsession

by - Monday, June 20, 2016

I love Ramen! 

Who doesn't? Anyway, ramen is my go-to food whenever I feel tired and/or stressed out. And since I've been a bit under the weather lately (and under budget, if I may add), I make it a point to have ramen/noodles when I'm out.  Thankfully, there's no shortage of good Ramen house anywhere you go in Manila. Here are some of the places I've been to lately:

O Ga Ne Korean Restaurant 
First stop is a classic favorite- O Ga Ne Korean Restaurant in Tomas Morato. A colleague introduced me to this little gem of a restaurant a couple of months back and I've been inlove with it ever since. Like a typical Korean restaurant, their menu consists of Kimbop, Bibimbap, Samgyeopsal, etc. but my favorite is Ramyen. 
This simple dish is deliciously spicy and comes in a huge bowl. Some might be turned off by its plainness but I think it's what's makes this dish really good. No pretenses, just yummy goodness. And the best part is it's only P180.00! What a steal!

Ramen Nagi
Ok. Disclaimer: This one is a bit on the pricey side but it's worth it. My friends and I discovered this restaurant while hunting for a Japanese resto around Greenbelt. As the name implies, this is a ramen place; although they do offer side dishes like gyoza, most people go here for their ramen.
I ordered the Original King (Butao) which is priced at P390 (whoah!). Don't be alarmed. The serving is pretty big and truly flavorful. What sets Ramen Nagi apart from other restos is that they allow customers to customize their ramen. Each customer is given a checklist and you get to choose what to add to your ramen as well as its level of spice.

Yoshinoya seems too ordinary for most but to be honest, I have never been to this place until that fateful day in Makati. After an unproductive day, I was pretty hungry, tired and frustrated that I had no appetite at all. But I know I had to eat or else, I'll regret it later when I get home. So I went around Glorietta in search for a place to eat and I ended up in Yoshinoya.
I ordered their Chicken Ramen, which costs around P120.00 and California Maki for P59.00. The serving size is nothing to rave about but it's more than enough to fill a hungry stomach.Surprisingly, the whole meal was quite good. The soup, the noodles and the chicken topping are quite flavorful.

Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss
If you want variety in your noodles, you should visit Moshi Koshi. Their noodles are categorized as Ramen, Soba and Udon and each have different types of noodles and soup. I ordered their Karaage Soba (chicken) for P180.00. 
Unlike your typical ramen, this dish has thin buckwheat noodles with soup that's a tad sweet for my taste. Despite that, I find this dish yummy and filling. 

Other favorites of mine include David's Tea House's Wanton Beef Noodles (P195), Khanzu Handpulled Noodles' Braised Beef Noodle Soup (P195) and of course, Ma Mon Luk's Beef Mami (P130). 

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