Lost and Found: Exploring Pagbilao, Quezon

by - Monday, April 04, 2016

Where do broken hearts go? Bataan? Baguio? Err… how about nowhere? lol.  And that was exactly my fate when heartbreak decided to pay me a visit. As much as I wanted to go on an adventure to find myself, work got in the way and I’m left mending my broken heart with work, work, work and more work lol.

So when an old friend invited me to join them on a quick getaway in Quezon, hindi na ako nagpatumpik-tumpik pa and said yes! But it seemed that I am Fate’s current favorite past time and decided to throw some challenges to make my life more exciting.

Challenge #1: Volunteer Work at the Bus Station
The trip was scheduled during the Holy Week to take advantage of the looong weekend. So is our volunteer work at the Araneta Bus Station (details later). Although we’re on vacation na after Holy Wednesday, my last three days before that was pretty hectic. I was asked to lead our Kaagapay sa Paglakbay activity which involved giving out free bottled water and fans to commuters.  Thank God for awesome colleagues and volunteers, the event was successful. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to coordinate the trip with my friends properly. Not to mention, I haven’t even packed! And on the last day, I finished late and ended up being left behind. Details to follow. :D

Challenge #2:   Getting Left Behind
As expected, my friends were at the bus station on time and were able to catch the 6p bus. I asked them to reserve seats for me but because there were a lot of passengers and I was nowhere in sight, they had to give the seats up and leave without me.  When I learned, I got a bit disappointed but then again, the idea of traveling to an unfamiliar place sounded more exciting than staying home so I forged ahead with the plan.

So to further test my patience, Fate decided to make us wait a good 2 hours for the next bus. Traffic was horrible as well but all’s well that ends well. We got to our destination safe and sound.

Paradise, Here I Come!

Image c/o Erika
After 6+ hours of traveling by bus, jeep, and tricycle,  we reached our first destination- Lucban, Quezon. Our host graciously prepared us breakfast while I charged my phone and the rest of the group prepare. Pagbilao is still a good hour (or so) drive away  from Lucban so we had to leave early so we can catch the sunrise and of course, get the best spot.

The place is called Kuwebang Lampas and it’s located near a power plant in Pagbilao. We had to cross a marsh (mangrove?) via a small boat then trek (or you can rent a boat for p250) to get to the resort. We opted to trek instead since it wasn’t that far anyway. The trek was a bit of a challenge for me since I was only wearing slippers, and the trek was a bit steep.

But it’s all worth. All my tiredness seemed to evaporate just seeing how beautiful the beach is. Although there were a lot of people at the resort, we were able to secure a spot that’s near the shore.
No words can express how beautiful the place is—white sand, clear water and bright blue sky. I’ll let the pictures speak for itself.

If these don’t take your blues away, I don’t know what will.  As for me, the trip proved to be therapeutic as I was able to let go of my anxiety,  and just enjoy the company of the people I was with… And yes, it’s not that difficult because I was with awesome friends. 

And yes, I’ve learned to trust myself that I am able to do things on my own and that getting left behind isn’t all that bad. You just have to trust your gut and your heart that it will lead you where you should be.

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