Love Is In The Air: My Zoocobia Adventure

by - Sunday, February 14, 2016

These past few months have been pretty crazy for me so when I got a chance to get away ( and be off the grid) even for a day, I took it.  My destination for the day: Zoocobia Fun Zoo and Paradise Ranch in Clark, Pampanga.

Thanks to Zoomanity Group and TAGMedia PR, I was one of the lucky bloggers who was asked to join Zoocobia’s Love Is In The Air Year 5. Since it’s my first-time to attend such an event, I was pretty stoked about it and did my best to get to the meeting place on time.  But due to traffic in EDSA (#mayforeversaedsa), we got to Zoocobia later than the planned itinerary. Nevertheless, it was a fun ride since I was with cool bloggers who talked to me non-stop throughout the ride. Our conversations drifted from one topic to another with heaps of #hugotlines on the side.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked lol. Let’s talk about Zoocobia and my experience. When we got there, Ms Karen of Zoomanity took us on a tour and showed the different animals in captivity.  There were snakes, squirrels, eagles, monkeys and camels. Yes, C-A-M-E-L with an S.  We were even allowed to feed the monkeys but naubusan ako so I didn’t get to do (insert hugot line here lol).  Next part of the tour was the Garden Maze with some really neat animal-shaped topiaries (Shout-out to Rejj for leading us to the exit and not into a rabbit hole). Speaking of rabbits, Zoocobia also has rabbits and they have their own little maze.  Cute.

After the tiring uphill walk, we came across Zooc Ride. At first I didn’t want to try it but since all of my companions were going, I decided to go as well. So, how was the experience? It was scary but fun. I kinda lost control for a bit but was able to steer it back on its track and get to the finish line in one piece.  Unfortunately, that is all the ride we got that day.  The zip line, 4x4 ride and camel ride were no longer available as it was already late and the show was about to start.

The show was pretty good and I might have appreciated it more if I weren’t tired and hungry na at the time, and if we had a good view.  I got good shots on the performance so ok na din. Will upload the videos on a separate post.

There was food provided but it was more snack than dinner so I wasn’t that satisfied with that. Thankfully, the sky lantern activity helped changed my mood.  It wasn’t as dramatic as the scene in Tangled but it was beautiful nonetheless. It was so pretty that I wanted to keep lighting one lantern after another but too bad, we only have one each:(. Oh and I did remember to make a wish. Nope, I didn’t wish for a boyfriend. Instead I wished that my advocacy will come into fruition.
And that wraps up my Zoocobia experience. There were lapses here and there but overall, I had a pretty good time yesterday. I met marvelous people who I hope I can get to know better,and gained new memories that will make me smile when I’m feeling down. And best of all, I have learned to laugh again and realized that I am in the right path.  It won’t be easy but I’m taking life one step at a time.

And with that, I will leave y’all with a warm greeting: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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