Durian City: Are We Ready for It?

by - Friday, December 18, 2015

Traffic. Bad MRT service. Exorbitant taxes. Increasing gas prices. Budol-budol gang.

These are just some of the problems every Filipino face every day and yes, we’re all getting tired of dealing with these issues day in and day out.  We all WANT change. We NEED  change. The question is: Who will bring about  the CHANGE we Filipinos deserve?

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, also called Mayor Digong or Du30 to his fans, says “Change is coming!”.  With his hard stance on crimes and illegal drugs, many of us are quick to jump on the bandwagon and say - Yes. Change is indeed here.  But let’s back up a little and let’s take a close look at the “facts”as shown on the social media sphere.

Davao is considered one of the safest and progressive cities in the country with 9.4 % GRDP in 2014. According to NEDA, this growth can be attributed to developments in “wholesale/retail, financial inter-mediation and the real-estate subsectors.”  City ordinances such as anti-smoking, curfews for minors, and  ban on firecrackers during the holidays have made Davao the epitome of peace and progress.

It’s all good, right? On hindsight, he does seem to be “THE” man that can lead this once great nation back to its former glory.  However, his brand of justice in the form of DDS (Davao Death Squad) and iron-fist handling of petty criminals and ordinance violators leave a lot to be desired. News of extra-judicial killings and individuals (local or otherwise) being fed cigarettes in public have been around for years.

Mayor Digong said that if he’s elected President, he’ll turn the Philippines into a Durian country, which means everything he’s done in Davao will be mirrored all throughout the country. Yes, that includes extra-judicial killings and public shaming. Say goodbye to the call center industry due to curfews, forget about street parties and fiestas as well, and get ready to forget about due process and rule of law.

Now the question is this - Are we ready for this type of leadership? Are we willing to sacrifice our democracy for a false sense of security? And lastly, haven’t we learned our lesson?

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