Share the Delight with Chips Delight

by - Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I love cookies.  Who doesn’t, right?

This is why I was so excited to see one of my favorite brands- Chips Delight at the Blogapalooza event.  And because it is an all-time favorite, hindi ko pinaglampas ang chance ko to try out their latest offerings and of course, do a photo-shoot. Apart from being a delicious treat, what I love about Chips Delight is it its variety. They have different varieties to suit everyone’s taste and preferences.

For purists like me, the original Chocolate Chip Cookie will always be the best. But sometimes going beyond one’s comfort zone brings unexpected surprises and that’s exactly what happened when I tried Chips Delight Chocolate Chip Brittle Brownie.

Chips Delight Chocolate Chip Brittle Brownie is crunchy, sweet and addicting little treat. It’s a perfect companion to coffee for breakfast or during merienda time. It’s also a good snack to munch on while watching TV.  And the best part is it comes in 120g packs making it perfect for sharing.

When it comes to awesomeness, I expect nothing less from one of the best. Chips Delight PH continues to delight their customers not just with their delicious treats but fun activities and freebies. And just like their tagline #ShareTheDelight, Chips Delight is indeed a delightful treat worth sharing.

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