On Perks and Freebies

by - Friday, October 16, 2015

I am a sucker for freebies and discounts. I think it’s a nice way to save some cash while enjoying the good things life has to offer. I do, however, stay away from 3-day sale and the likes because the crowd gets too much to handle for me and in some cases, the items on sale are not usually the ones I like. So, how do I get to enjoy the good stuff without the hefty price tag? Here’s how.

·        Get Loyalty/Rewards Card
They say patience is a virtue and collecting points for rewards require a lot of patience.  And patience is one virtue I do not have but surprisingly, I own quite a few rewards/loyalty cards.  I currently own Starbucks card (who doesn’t?), 7-11 Rewards card (a life-saver for employees like me), BDO Rewards (because I am a loyal BDO account holder despite their terrible service) and Jollibee Happy Plus (yey!).

With Starbucks, you get stars for every drink you purchase. Once you’ve reached 12 stars, you can redeem a free grande drink of your choice. But you’ll need to reload the card first and make sure to use it when purchasing to earn points. That’s the same concept with Jollibee Happy Plus. You earn points by using the “prepaid” amount on the card.

BDO Rewards and 7-11 Rewards cards, on the other hand, doesn’t require you  to put cash into it to earn rewards. All you need is to purchase some items from the store, swipe the card and viola- instant points!

·  Sign up to Free Trial services
Another way to get freebies and discounts is through free trial. Recently, I signed up with Stylist in Pocket’s exclusive home shopping service. They visited my house and brought with them some awesome pieces, which you can try on for FREE!  This is perfect for people who do not have the time and patience to visit the mall and go shopping. You can buy the items you want right there or you can have it reserved. And the best part is they even give offer Php1000 worth of GCs! Perfect right?

Sample Room is another merchant that offers free sample. Although I haven’t used it personally, I’ve read reviews about it and it’s mostly good. Hence, it’s worth checking out.

Join Online contests
Winning an online contest is like looking for a needle in a haystack – probable but not impossible. And thanks to gods above, I was lucky enough to win some.

When When In Manila ran an online contest for Posh Tips Blow Dry and Nail Bar salon, I took the chance and joined. I joined expecting the worst but got the best. I won not one but two GCs for their nail care services!

How about you? Do you know of other services that  offer cool perks and freebies? Do share them below.

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