My Stylist In Pocket Experience

by - Monday, October 19, 2015

When it comes to fashion stuff, I'm low-maintenance. My fashion statement usually consists of the following: jeans, t-shirt/blouse and sneakers. I prefer comfort over style and price. Basically, I like clothing that are simple and easy to put together.
(Blazer not included lol)
So when I signed up for the Stylist in Pocket campaign, I second-guessed myself. Do I really want to do this? Am I fashionable enough to write about my experience? Hmm... only one way to find out. 

About Stylist in Pocket (SIP)

Who or what is Stylist in Pocket? It is an exclusive home shopping service for women and men on the go. Basically, what they do is bring shopping to their customers and let you shop for clothes at the comfort of their homes. Neat, right? I think so as well. SIP features clothing from awesome brands like Freeway, Solo and Ensembles.

(Credits to SIP FB page)

SIP in Action

Who likes to work on a Sunday? Most of us certainly don't but the awesome ladies of SIP do. If that's not impressive enough, they go to their appointments on time! That doesn't happen often especially with the traffic around the Metro and you know, Filipino time lol.

The SIP ladies brought an array of clothes for me to try on from blouses to dresses. Since they conduct surveys before their visit, they already know what sizes they'll bring for their customers. I requested for XL sizes and anticipated to be disappointed since I know most clothing stores don't offer plus sizes (unless it's made specifically for such). But to my delight, the XL clothing they brought do not only fit me but fashionable as well. None of those sad-looking plus size clothes with terrible designs.
And majority of the clothes they made me try are done by National Artist BenCab. Awesome!! I feel so artsy-artsy! :D

SIP Recommendations

It's time to show off  their recommendations. Pardon my bulges hahaha:D.


+1 for the Stylist in Pocket ladies not just for their punctuality but for the awesome clothes they made me try. Oh and yes, they even gave me GCs I can use on any of their stores. Yey! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and experience the awesomeness that Stylist in Pocket has to offer.

How? Simply fill out the Personal Style Quiz from this link (for women) or (for men) and indicate this in the referral code FBR0041J15.  Have fun!

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