I Survived Blogapalooza 2015

by - Monday, October 26, 2015

Blogapalooza is one of the biggest and most anticipated event for bloggers and this year, I was lucky to be part of it. And so my journey began.

Armed with an iPad, a smartphone and dressed in my best attire, I braved the distance from North (Novaliches) to the South (MOA) to get a glimpse of what this event is all about. My nephew and I got to 1Esplanade around 10a. The event was already ongoing and there were quite a lot of bloggers already.

After securing our IDs, we went in. It was only later that I realized we should’ve gotten a Blogapalooza eco-bag. It turns out it was being handed out once you get in. Unfortunately, the people manning the reception area didn’t inform us about it. Anyways, it’s no biggie.

Once inside, we were met by a flurry of activity that was a bit overwhelming. There were too many things going on at the same time and no one was guiding the bloggers to how, where or what should they be doing. I guessed it was designed to be have a bazaar-like atmosphere, which means anyone can just go to any booth and check out what they offer. It can be a bit confusing especially for newbies like me but thankfully, most of the brand ambassadors were nice and helpful.  Here are some of the awesome brands I got to interact with.
  • Chips Delight - This is the first booth I went to and I must say, they did make a very good impression. Their ambassadors are quick to provide their iPad for those who don’t have business cards like me.  Apart from offering a free sample of their products, they also readily answered my questions about their social media accounts so Kudos to them! Apart from that, who can resist Chips Delight cookies? I know I can’t!
  • Feel Good Lactium - Another delightful booth to go to during the event. After they made me sign-up, they asked to pop a balloon which shows my biggest stress to win a prize. Of course, I choose money lol! And for that, I got a fan and my nephew got a stress ball. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try their stress test because the line was long and I got too tired to come back at a later time. It was a  fun experience nonetheless.
  • Sosro Fruit Tea -  This is one of the most well-prepared booths during the event, I must say. Not only did they give us free sample drinks, we were also treated to a free caricature of ourselves and a free photo. They also have photo and blog contests where you can win up to  Php 5,000.00.
  • Curves - I love Curves! And how can I not? It’s a fitness center designed exclusively for women and it’s located in Libis. When I saw their performance, I knew I had to check them out. I talked to them about my desire to be healthy and getting frustrated with some of the options - FitnessFirst (credit card only) and Gold’s Gym (intimidating muscled and toned members). Curves is the opposite of these centers and I look forward to trying them out soon.
  • Flawless - I’m not sure how golf is related to the brand but it’s fun, nonetheless. Thanks to a fellow blogger (sorry, I forgot to ask her name) who gave a me a tip on how to play, I was able to put the ball into the hole and won myself a soap (which I tried as soon as I got home. Yes, it’s very good!)
  • Ace Hotel and Suites - Another brand that clearly prepared for Blogapalooza is this. After asking me to like their FB page (clever move, I must say!), they gave me a lootbag filled with awesome goodies. Unfortunately, they didn’t give free accommodation but they did give out privilege cards and discounted GCs so it’s good enough.
  • Cebu Pacific - No free tickets as well. It would’ve been nice but I guess it would be too costly hehe. I did get free travel kit so I’m happy.
  • Amada’s Leche Flan - This is one of the best leche flans I’ve ever tasted. What makes Amada’s Leche Flan unique is they don’t use sugar to sweeten the flan. Instead, they used a generous amount of milk. This leads to the creamy, delicious taste that’s just heavenly. This is a must-try!
  • The Diff - If you’re looking for cool and unique phone cases, this is the place to be.  The Diff features artwork from different artists on their website. You can choose any of the design and they’ll print it for you.

Blogapalooza 2015 was an unforgettable experience. Although I didn't get to meet my fellow bloggers, I have learned quite a lot from the brands especially on how they market their product and offer customer service. Here are some of my observations:
  • Participating Merchants - The merchants/brands that participated in the event were noteworthy. There are well-known brands like Ace Water Spa, Cebu Pacific and Flawless but there were small businesses like Amada’s Leche Flan and the Diff Concept as well. The variety is good since it shows no discrimination by the organizers.
  • Freebies - There were a lot of freebies that were given during the event. It’s clear that the brands really prepared for the event. It’s just a bit disappointing that of all the brands, only a few gave out samples of their product we can actually try and review.
  • Well-ventilated venue - Despite the huge crowd, it wasn’t hot at all. I didn’t even break out a sweat despite walking around and participating in activities for hours. However, the place felt a bit cramped. I know the booths were divided into different seasons but it was easy not to notice them unless you’re actually looking for it.  It would be nice if they arranged the booths like a map with the Summer Season at the entrance and the Winter at the back.
  • Wi-Fi -  Very bad! Unfortunately, there was only one Wi-Fi connection that was being shared by all the bloggers. Result: Slow and intermittent connection. This was quite frustrating for me since most of the brands require us to like their page or post a photo on FB or Instagram but with the bad connection, it took forever to complete a simple task. Good thing I have data connection.  Better connection next year, perhaps?
  • Lack of support - As mentioned above, I didn’t know that all bloggers were supposed to get an eco-bag. Also, I know there was food stub but I didn’t get any. None of the staff on the reception area informed it on how to get it. Maybe I was meant to visit the Food Panda booth to get it? I dunno. Again, it should’ve been communicated properly.
  • Lack of seating/dining area - Going around booths was fun but very tiring. Some of the bloggers decided to sit on the floor to rest while some chose to leave instead (I’m guilty of it.) I hope that next year, there will be a designated place where bloggers can rest and eat for awhile.
Overall, Blogapalooza was a pretty fun event but it could’ve been better. I look forward to next year’s better and bigger Blogapalooza! Did you attend the Blogapalooza, too? How was your experience? Share them here!

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