Current Earworm: The Cinematic Orchestra Arrival of the Birds & Transformation

by - Tuesday, October 13, 2015

While browsing Pinterest a few months, I came across different articles about the Avengers cast and their crazy antics which led to the discovery of  the Loki fandom. I am no stranger to fandoms but I tend to be a bit wary since some tend to go overboard and create some weird shit. But this not one of those. It's actually one of the best. 

Listen in its entirety and tell me if it it doesn't give you any feels. Not only does this show how tormented and (as usual) misunderstood Loki is, it also offers listeners an awesome score that perfectly describes all the emotions that come with this confrontation. 

The song is called The Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the Birds and Transformation.  For the purist in you, here's the original score. Enjoy!

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