My Sandaya Experience at Fisher Mall

by - Monday, September 07, 2015

“Great stories begin when you light up the grill. That’s the #SandayaPromise.” And I couldn’t agree more. Dining at Sandaya Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant is indeed an experience that needs to be told.

So, let’s start at the beginning. My boyfriend and I are big Japanese food fanatics and are always on the look-out for Japanese food buffet and the likes. We’ve been eyeing Sandaya Restaurant for quite awhile and finally, we’ve decided to give it a try.

We chose their Yakiniku lunch buffet for Php595/pax, which includes unlimited pork, chicken and beef cooked yakiniku-style (grilled). We also got unlimited rice, iced-tea, miso soup and bean sprouts.

And we were given yakiniku sauce which basically ties the whole meal together since the meat is unseasoned. Though come to think of it, it may just be that the waitress forgot to add salt and pepper before grilling the meat. Nevertheless, the food is delicious. And when you have food that’s fresh, there’s no need for too much seasoning.

The miso soup was pretty good as well. It’s light and “tastes just like miso soup” as Mykel (my BF) would say.  Bean sprouts are bean sprouts while the rice doesn’t exactly scream Japanese rice since it’s not sticky. It was, nonetheless, delicious and filling.

After 3 (or 4 maybe) servings of meat, 3 miso soup and 2 servings of bean sprouts, we’re ready to tap out. We've had enough meat to last for a week lol.

Verdict: Sandaya’s buffet is worth the price. The food was delicious and the service was good. I only wish they add more dishes (or side dishes/condiments) on their buffet offering to add variety (Some lettuce perhaps, Sandaya Fisher Mall?). I highly recommend this place and will certainly be back again in the future.

Oh, I almost forgot. Sandaya Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant has pretty neat chopsticks:). Here's my chopsticks selfie.

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