Go for HHH: Healthy, Happy Heart with ATC Coenzyme Q10

by - Monday, September 14, 2015

We live in a busy and fast-paced world and because of that, stress is always just around the corner. And when stress hits you, oftentimes we resort to some unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and overeating.

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These unhealthy habits can lead to serious health problems like obesity, lung disease and yes, high blood and heart attack.  You need to take action before it’s too late. Here are some tips to deal with it:

  • Talk it out. When you’re frustrated, sad or just generally stressed-out, talking it out with someone close to you really helps. It gets it out of your system instead of just brewing inside your head and eating at you. And the best part is, your friend might even help you find a solution to your problems. Save yourself from heartbreak. Talk.
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  • Sleep well. You know what the oldies always say? “Pag pagod, itulog na ‘yan!” Sometimes all you need is a good night’s sleep (or morning if you’re on nightshift) to cope with stress. Not only does it help you relax, it also gives your body a chance to repair and keep your immune system healthy. Give your heart some needed rest while you sleep.
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  • Take ATC Coenzyme Q10. ATC Coenzyme Q10 is great for the heart. It improves the heart’s ability to pump more blood and lowers the viscosity of blood, making it even easier for the heart to function normally. Don’t wait for a heart attack. Take  ATC Coenzyme Q10 for a healthier heart!
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This is your life. Don’t let stress take control. You can take whatever life throws at you as long as you have faith. And always remember - when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
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