Finding Bliss in Yoga

by - Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ok. I finally did it. After years of keeping my desires a secret, I finally gave in to my heart’s whim. And I must say, it was worth it!

I went to a yoga class! (What were you thinking? :D)

I’ve always been fascinated with yoga but I was too afraid to try it because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and ruin the experience. So I stayed away from it. But when a colleague (who happens to be a fellow insomniac) spoke to me about how yoga has helped her quiet down her mind and get some sleep, I knew I have to try it.

Macci the Insomniac and Yoga Enthusiast
So when an opportunity came, I took the chance. With a free pass (Thanks to Beyond Fit Momma ) and a bunch of eager colleagues (dubbed RMDC Yoga Babes) in tow, we braved the traffic and visited Beyond Yoga Greenhills. 

Since it was my first time to be in a yoga center, I had nothing to compare it with except the gyms I see in the movies (with the toned people grunting and huffing). Anyway....With comfy seating, friendly staff, and free locker rooms, Beyond Yoga instantly made me feel relaxed and confident with my decision.

OOTD Goddess Ms Mhiles
Selfie Queens Dexa and Macci

After a few minutes, we were ushered in the room and were informed that we’ll be having Yin Yoga. The instructor informed us that it’s a bit different from typical yoga. Since it targets one’s yin, the poses are designed to make you feel relax and learn to let go of the yang’s you’ve accumulated the whole day.

The session began with some meditation and visualization exercises. It was then followed by a series of poses that target specific areas in the body from the neck down to one’s toes. The poses started quite easy but got progressively more challenging. Surprisingly, I was able to do the poses (with a lot of difficulty in some but nevertheless, A+ for effort for me!). 

After the 90-minute and I-can’t-remember-how-many-poses-I-did session, the class was over and I must say, I had a wonderful time. Although I didn’t sweat buckets (and I’m not really sure I burned calories), Yin Yoga is an experience I’d love to try over again and again and again.

On to my next yoga adventure soon! 

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  1. Wow this looks really nice ha! :D Gagawin mo na ba to regularly Jinky? :) -Helen