A Night of Poetry and Fandom- Project Voice Manila

by - Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I don’t remember the first time I watched Sarah Kay perform but I will always remember thinking how her words resonated to me, of how her words seemed to be my own, and wishing that someday I can write a story as well as she does.

It all started with a TED talk and a poem called “B”, or more popularly known as “If I should have a Daughter”. From that moment on, I was hooked!  I loved the poem so much, I shared it with everyone and anyone who’s willing to listen (and hopefully indulge my whim :D).

And that’s how I got into spoken word poetry. So when a friend informed me that Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye will be here in Manila, I freaked out and impulsively bought tickets! (Shout-out to Project Voice Manila, Words Anonymous and others for making it happen!)

After waiting for what seems like forever, the D-day arrived: March 1st, 2015. I will finally get to see Sarah and Phil perform live!! Anticipating a more-eager-than-us-crowd, we decided to go the venue early, and thankfully our enthusiasm paid off. 

One of the organizers gave the early birds seats on the 3rd row after the VIPs (hurray!). And after enduring hours of standing outside and anxiously waiting for the show , we were finally ushered in and boy, did we have an awesome view! 

Despite watching Sarah and Phil’s performances on YouTube for the nth time, I was still in awe at how powerful their words are. I got teary-eyed when Phil performed “Repetition”, and totally lost it when Sarah began to recite “B”. And when they performed “When Love Arrives”, I spoke the words along with them, and felt as if I finally understand everything about love. 

After the show, we were able to buy their books (Sarah Kay’s No Matter the Wreckage and Phil Kaye’sA Light Bulb Symphony). Also, we get to talk and shake their hands (fandom moment lolz). Sadly, I said something lame – “It was nice to meet you”. But please understand, I was feeling overwhelmed so I think it’s forgivable.
Now, weeks after the event, the moment is over. The excitement has passed, the poets have left, and the cheers have long been silenced but the story will continue. Thank you, Sarah and Phil, for the memories and inspiration. We hope to see you again. Until then, we got YouTube! :D
Photo courtesy of Noriza Atienza

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